Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets

Woodland Secrets

Create your own Flap Picture or Story Board

This Woodland Secrets craft is inspired by one of our favourite books ‘Secrets of The Apple Tree: A Shine A Light Book‘ by Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner, we have created our very own secret woodland scene.

Using our free 2-page hand drawn colouring in printables, your crafty kiddies can make their own Woodland Secrets flap picture or story board.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Secrets of the Apple TreeBeautifully written and illustrated, ‘Secrets of The Apple Tree‘ is a simply gorgeous book.

An apple tree is not just an apple tree; it’s a home to nesting birds, sleepy squirrels, creepy crawlies and croaky toads.

It’s a book of exploration and discovery, introducing the joy of nature and encouraging young readers to look a little closer.

With the aid of a torch, children can see the various creatures who call the apple tree their home.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Secrets of the Apple Tree - Inside

My daughters adore this book. It’s fun and interactive, with ample learning opportunities.

Secrets of The Apple Tree‘ has captured the imaginations of my children and they love nothing more than venturing outside to discover for themselves the secrets that nature has to offer.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets 3Our Woodland Secrets scene has its own secrets and our craft begins with colouring in the free printables.

We talked about the different animals that might be found living in or near a tree; helping us to shape our woodland scene and decide upon what will be included.

Olivia chose a squirrel, toad, worm, moth, spider, bird and a little “buzzy bee”.

With a picture in our heads, we set to work creating our cardboard cut outs: A tree, grassy bank and leaves. Using PVA glue, we positioned and stuck the cut outs onto some blue background card.

Having chosen our animals, we cut out various flaps, large enough to hide our animals. With each flap, we folded a 1cm width strip in both directions – this is where the glue will be applied.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets 4

Next, we cut our “secret” animals and stuck them onto our woodland scene.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets 5Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets 6


To complete our “Woodland Secrets” we stuck on the concealing flaps.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets 7Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets 8


Olivia loved every part of the process involved in making her own “woodland secrets” picture. She enthusiastically retold the information she had learnt from the ‘Secrets of the Apple Tree’, explaining that a toad enjoys a wet and soggy environment and that a squirrel hibernates, which quickly digressed into her own make believe woodland story.

The free printables could be used in a number of ways:

  • a simple colouring in and animal identification exercise
  • to create a “secret flap” picture
  • as the basis of a story board

However this craft is adapted, I hope your crafty kids enjoy looking at nature a little closer.

Click on the image below to download your free 2 page Woodland Secrets Colouring In Printable:

Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets Free Printable

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