Craft Ideas forKids - Weather Chart

Weather Chart

Like weather, this craft has many elements to it:

  • It’s highly interactive, provoking great weather related discussion.
  • Helps develop observational skills.
  • Encourages creative thinking by considering how the different elements should be represented on the chart.
  • The sticking, cutting, painting and drawing is great for developing fine motor skills.
  • The use of different textures stimulate the senses.
  • It’s fun, really really fun.

The weather chart has taken pride of place in Olivia’s play area. Each and every morning she will eagerly check the weather and move the arrows to the appropriate symbols.

Sometimes the weather chart works its way into her imaginative play and we’ll be struck by a sudden gust of wind or storm.

However Olivia chooses to use the weather chart, she had fun creating it and has even more fun using it!

You will need:
A large canvas
Cotton Wool
PVA glue
Split pins
A Variety of Extra Materials (tree bark, glitter, sweet wrappers, bottle tops etc)

Step 1

Divide the canvas into four sections. Within each section, pencil in a different weather symbol of your crafty kids choice.

For Olivia’s weather chart, she decided to create symbols for a sunny, windy, cloudy and rainy/snowy day.

Paint the background a variety of “sky” colours – Olivia loved mixing colours to create different shades!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Weather Chart

Step 2

Using a combination of glitter paper and old sweet wrappers, Olivia created a “sunny day” weather chart symbol.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Weather ChartCraft Ideas for Kids - Weather Chart

Step 3

Olivia stuck cotton wool onto her cloud to create a “cloudy” weather chart symbol.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Weather Chart

Step 4

Following our chat about rain, Olivia told me that the “rainy” cloud had to be dark blue with only a few dots of “cloud” (cotton wool) as the cloud is heavy with rain.

Olivia decided to mix the blue paint with glue (I have to admit, I raised an eyebrow at first!). The result is this fabulous deep blue colour; sticky enough for glitter and cotton wool.

The snows flakes were made out of paper circles with diamond and triangle shapes cut out of them. You will notice that the “snowy” cloud is dense with cotton wool.
weather chart 5Craft Ideas for Kids - Weather ChartCraft Ideas for Kids - Weather Chart

Step 5

To add texture to our weather chart, we stripped bark from old twigs and stuck them onto the painted tree.

The leaves and black wavy lines complete the “windy day” symbol.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Weather ChartCraft Ideas for Kids - Weather Chart

Step 6

English weather can be varied and it’s not unusual for all the elements to be thrown into one day. For this reason, we used multiple arrows. The large arrow is reserved for the main element.

Secured with a split pin, the arrows are ready for use.

I hope your crafty kid enjoys making and using their weather chart as much as Olivia.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Weather Chart



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