Art Craft for Kids

Watercolour Flower Picture

What you need:
Pages of an old book
A picture frame
Watercolour paint
A fine tipped black pen

Craft Art for Kids

This unintentional craft has become a personal favourite.

Using a rare opportunity to partake in my own crafty experiment, Olivia pops out of nowhere with “I like flowers, can I have a go?” and so, a mummy daughter special is created.

Onto an old printed book page simply pencil in the basic outline (in this instance) of a flower. Then fill it in, ideally using water colour paint. If you do not have access to water colours, try using heavily watered down acrylic or even food colouring.

Art Crafts for Kids

To avoid soggy paper, encourage your crafty kid to apply thin layers of paint. Water based paint can be fascinating for its marbling effect – Olivia really enjoyed using the palette to mix the colours as well as blending them onto the page to create different shades.

Once the painting is dry, use a fine tipped black pen (I used a Uni Pen 1.0mm) to enhance the outline of the flower. Pop into a frame and you have a beautiful memento or personal handmade gift.

Olivia is particularly proud of her work and loves the “mummy daughter flowers”.