Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky Racers

Wacky Racers

What you need to make Wacky Racers:
Toilet Rolls
Foam or card
Stickers (optional)
Small Bottle Tops
Googly Eyes (optional)
A Coloured Marker Pen
A Lolly Stick

Wacky Racers

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky RacersWe had so much fun with this craft, which very quickly evolved into our very own game of ‘Wacky Racers’. A fabulous craft that can involve the entire family.

It all begins with the humble toilet roll and paint….

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky RacersTo make the wheels, draw and cut out a number of circles. Foam or card can be used.

For some extra glitz, we decided to decorate our wheels with stickers

Once your wheels are cut out and decorated, stick four onto each toilet roll.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky RacersUsing the black marker, draw and colour in a large rectangle onto what will be the back end of the racing car.

Take a bottle top, add googly eyes and stick it into the black rectangle.

For some additional decoration, we added more stickers to the front of our wacky racers and numbered them 1-4.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky Racers

The wacky racers are now ready for their track.

Very simply, draw a number of evenly spaced lines onto an A3 sheet of paper. These will become the lanes for your crafty kids wacky racers.

Olivia asked for a checkered flag for the game. So, to make the flag: use the marker pen to draw some vertical and horizontal lines to create squares and cut out a small flag rectangle and stick to the lollipop stick. Colour in the squares, alternating black and white.

We decided to add a string of yarn to our wacky racers to enable us to pull them along the track.

Olivia loved pulling the wacky racers along the track. Not only did our racing cars have to be quick, they also had to remain within their lanes – believe me, this is harder than it looks!

Now, are you ready?

On your marks, get set, GO!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky Racers

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky Races