Craft Ideas for Kids

Toilet Roll Octopus – The Impromptu Craft

Introducing Luka and Olive the Octopuses!

What you need:
A toilet Roll
Some Paint
Googly eyes
Black Marker Pen

Luka and Olive were born from a simple request to paint a toilet roll during one of my daughters playdates. Taking no more than 30 minutes to complete, this is a great activity to work into busy schedules.

Craft Ideas for KidsTo get them started, I cut a couple of slits into the bottom of the toilet roll (approx 3 cm into the roll), bent it outwards to create a tentacle and then guided the crafty kids through the remainder of the cutting until 8 tentacles were formed.

Once the tentacles are all bent outwards, simply arm your crafty kids with a paintbrush and paint, sit back and see what they create.

Allow the paint to dry before adding the googly eyes.

These octupuses are simple yet effective and were a massive hit with my crafty kids, prompting some imaginative play and an entire range of under water creature crafts…..