Art Craft for kids

Toilet Roll Fish

A friend for Olive and Luka the octopuses…

What you need:
A Toilet Roll
Googly Eyes

Start by painting the toilet roll. Once dry, flatten it down and cut a curve into the top of the roll to make the appearance of a head.

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Next, you will need to cut two slits into the end of the toilet roll at about a 45′ degree angle.

Craft Ideas for Kids

Fold the triangular part of the slit first towards you and then away from you to create a definite crease.

Craft Ideas for Kids

To create the tail, push the triangles from the central crease back into the roll. The roll should open up.

Craft Ideas

The final step is to add the googly eyes and decorate. Olivia decided to use star embellishments, but your crafty kid could use their creative license to do anything that takes their fancy.

Starry the fish has had many adventures with his Octopus friends, what adventures will your crafty fish have‚Äč?