Love Rocks: Fingerprint Heart Keep-Sake

We spent the first day of 2015 making footprints in the sand, chasing waves and collecting stones off the beach; coming away with at least a pocket full (or two) of special finds. Within the mindset of ‘firsts’ for 2015, I was keen for our first craft of the year to be one  the whole family […]

Paper Plate Monsters

Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Monsters

Paper plates are just amazing! They’re easy to use, versatile and can be so much fun – a staple for every craft cupboard. We’ve combined paper plates with our much loved Cling Film Art Technique to create these adorable Paper Plate Monsters! Olivia had such fun exploring all the random materials I keep stashed away and […]

Autumn Leaf Painting

Craft Ideas for Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting

Autumn is the season of colour and leaves. This craft is an exploration of Autumn colours and my little lovely adored mixing the paints to match the shades of our leaves; experimenting with different ratios of paint to create a range of unusual colours. We spent time outside collecting leaves, looking at the trees to […]

Not So Pinterest Perfect: Our Top 10

Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect

As a blogger of children’s crafts, it’s easy to get swept up in the, what I call ‘Pinterest Perfect’; the beautifully presented craft images, all neatly painted and perfectly constructed, with not a smudge or scribble to be seen. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! Coming up with the Pinterest Perfect isn’t so […]

Cling Film Art

Craft Ideas for Kids - Cling Film Art

Wacky Racers

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky Racers

Flower and Leaf Printing


A section of our garden is currently full to the brim with wild flowers, showcasing various shades of reds, yellows, violets, pinks as well as orange and white – we love it! Olivia can never resist picking a daisy or dandelion as we pass.

Dream Catcher

Craft Ideas for Kids

What you need: A paper plate Paint Yarn Beads Feathers A hole punch or a knitting needle Sequins or Stickers to decorate Scissors

Wibbly Wobbly Jellyfish

Craft Ideas for Kids

Wibbly Wobbly Jellyfish What you need: A paper plate Paint Scrap materials – fabric/ribbon/string Googly Eyes Knitting needle or Hole punch

Toilet Roll Fish

Art Craft for kids

A friend for Olive and Luka the octopuses… What you need: A Toilet Roll Paint Scissors Googly Eyes

Watercolour Flower Picture

Art Craft for Kids

What you need: Pages of an old book A picture frame Watercolour paint A fine tipped black pen

Toilet Roll Octopus – The Impromptu Craft

Craft Ideas for Kids

Introducing Luka and Olive the Octopuses! What you need: A toilet Roll Some Paint Googly eyes Black Marker Pen Scissors

Painting Stones

Craft Ideas for Kids

What you need: Smooth surfaced stones Acrylic Paint Googly Eyes