Autumn Leaf Painting

Craft Ideas for Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting

Autumn is the season of colour and leaves. This craft is an exploration of Autumn colours and my little lovely adored mixing the paints to match the shades of our leaves; experimenting with different ratios of paint to create a range of unusual colours. We spent time outside collecting leaves, looking at the trees to […]

Flower and Leaf Printing


A section of our garden is currently full to the brim with wild flowers, showcasing various shades of reds, yellows, violets, pinks as well as orange and white – we love it! Olivia can never resist picking a daisy or dandelion as we pass.

Making Rain

Craft Ideas for Kids - Making Rain

Painting Stones

Craft Ideas for Kids

What you need: Smooth surfaced stones Acrylic Paint Googly Eyes