Origami Swans

I would love to take credit for these gorgeous Origami Swans, but it turns out that crafty Dad has a secret talent! I was amazed at how easy they are to make and so pretty too; perfect for our theme ‘Seven Swans-a-Swimming!’ Origami Swans – How To Each origami swan can be created in 9 […]

Christmas Potato Stamping

Craft Ideas for Kids - Christmas Potato Stamping

Ohhh who doesn’t remember potato stamping as a kid? It’s a classic craft; cheap and easy to set up too! Whilst baby cakes simply slid and bashed the stamp across the paper, Little Lovely enjoyed playing and experimenting in the attempt to make the ‘perfect’ tree; they both in their own way had a blast […]

Felt Christmas Tree – 10 Days of Kid Made Ornaments

Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree: Simple, easy to make and great for fine motor development. This is the perfect craft for independent crafty kids. My girlie loved making them; cutting up our scrap felt, creating her own pattern and then finishing off with a little sparkle. Our Felt Christmas Tree was inspired by Shirley Hughes Alfie: Alfie’s […]

Clay Dough and Melted Crayon Snowflake Ornaments

I cannot believe how easy these Clay Dough and Melted Crayon Snowflake Ornaments are to make! When I stumbled across Happy Hooligans stunning White Clay Dough Ornaments, I had to try it out with the Little Lovely and I’m so pleased I did. I love the brilliant white clay against the vibrant colours of the melted […]