Simple Things

Today I set up a sensory play box, full of spaghetti, ice, stones and various animals. I envisioned hours of imaginative play. On any other day, Olivia would have been keen. However, with a shrug of the shoulders she opted for scribbling shapes in the mud instead.

Her lack of enthusiasm left me scratching my head and I decided to leave her to it.

Moments later, I was summoned (very loudly).

With both feet in the sensory play box, Olivia then hastily ran over to the pavement – she was making footprints.

Olivia was overcome with excitement, jumping up and down.

“Look mum, look. Watch them, my footprints disappear”

Bubbling with pride and something I can only describe as pure joy, my little girl had discovered evaporation.

Left to her own devices, Olivia discovered something monumental in her world. I can’t remember getting excited over the simple things, such as evaporation, can you?

This moment reminded me that sometimes craft is not all about the glitter and pom-poms. It’s not always about my idea of fun.

To ensure that an opportunity is not missed, sometimes it’s best to take a step back and simply follow your crafty kids lead.

Let them explore, let them make their own discoveries, as creativity comes in many forms and it can often be the simple things, like just jumping in with both feet, that can make the difference!

(Following her moment of exploration, Olivia even returned to the sensory box!)