Craft Ideas for Kids - Salt Glue Art

Raised Salt Glue Art

What you need to make Salt Glue Art:
Watercolour paint (food colouring or heavily watered acrylic)
Water colour paper or Card
Baking Tray
Pipette or paintbrush
PVA Glue

Raised Salt Glue Art

Olivia loves experimenting with paint, especially when it comes to mixing colours. So when I stumbled across this craft on One Perfect Day Blog, I couldn’t wait to try it out with her.

We started by squeezing glue onto the card. We made squiggly patterns, but I have seen letters, flowers, animals, even Picasso inspired self portraits.

Olivia then poured a generous amount of salt over the glue and gave the paper a shake to ensure the glue was well covered with salt. To reduce mess, I would recommend doing this part in a baking tray.

Crafty Ideas for Kids - Salt Glue Art

Crafty Ideas for Kids - Salt Glue ArtWhilst the glue was still wet, Olivia jumped in with the paint.

This is when she went a little crazy!

Olivia was so excited to see the salt soak up the paint and spread. After her initial excitement, the “why?” questions soon flowed.

Olivia became a little scientist as she mixed different ratios of water to paint, to see what happened. I explained to her that salt is a desiccant and absorbs water.

We also experimented with different types of paint, using food colouring, water colour and heavily watered down acrylic paint. All were effective, however for bold colour and ease of use, water colour paint was the winner.

Art with a little bit of science – It doesn’t get much better than that!

Crafty Ideas for Kids - Salt Glue ArtLet your crafty kids imagination run wild with this one. There are various ways of creating some super special creations and oodles of learning opportunities to be had.

Why not try frozen ice cubes mixed with food colouring to add an additional sensory wow factor? Whatever your crafty kids get up to, we would love to see the results.

Crafty Ideas for Kids - Salt Glue Art