Craft Ideas for Kids

Painting Stones

What you need:
Smooth surfaced stones
Acrylic Paint
Googly Eyes

My daughter and I had a great time with this activity.

We collected a bucket full of different shaped stones (the more unusual the better) from our local beach, which in itself was a lot of fun – any excuse to get to the beach!

Give the stones a wash to rid them of any excess dirt and start painting, using acrylic paint.Craft Ideas for Kids

Water down the paint to an easily spreadable consistency for great coverage and then, just go for it.

You can paint bugs, flowers, rocket ships, fish, monsters – the stones can be transformed into anything!

I have to warn you, painting stones gets rather addictive and I loved painting along side Olivia. We bounced ideas off each other for hours.

From my experience, every child loves googly eyes and Olivia is no exception. They add an extra fun dimension to the designs.

Our stones will be working there way into our vegetable patch as decorations – what will you do with yours?