Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect

Not So Pinterest Perfect: Our Top 10

As a blogger of children’s crafts, it’s easy to get swept up in the, what I call ‘Pinterest Perfect’; the beautifully presented craft images, all neatly painted and perfectly constructed, with not a smudge or scribble to be seen. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest PerfectComing up with the Pinterest Perfect isn’t so easy and as it happens, my little lovely doesn’t care for it much.

She’s four and as far as she’s concerned, it’s all about the process.

Every time she picks up a paintbrush or pen, does some sticking or makes something wacky she is creating  something that is magical. A something that comes straight out of her imagination and reflects her interpretation of the world around her.

With the freedom to experiment and explore different materials, textures and concepts, I have seen her creativity grow and development.

This is what kids craft is about and the reason I started blogging for Craft Ideas for Kids.

So, for this post I am sharing a collection of our favourite not so Pinterest Perfect crafts; crafts  that are heaps of fun and are creative MASTERPIECES! (with smudges and scribbles included).

Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect1. We live by the sea and every time we visit the beach, we return with pockets full of shells and pebbles. Sometimes my pockets seem fuller than the kids!

Painting shells is an easy and calming activity for children (and adults), making pretty decorations for plant pots, tables or as accessories to other crafts.



Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect2. We love recycling everyday materials to make a good collage.

A simple activity that allows crafty kids to practice cutting, think about shapes and explore texture.

All sorts of materials could be used. Get outside and collage with leaves, raid the magazine rack, cut up some old clothes or use a combination of all three.


3. Pages from Olivia’s daddy day book. Such a lucky daddy!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Pinterest Perfect



Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect4. A true artist; getting creative during breakfast. Here Olivia is experimenting with glue and watercolour.

As a time saver and to have different activities to hand, I will often prepare various crafts at the beginning of each week so when a creative moment presents itself, we’re ready.

In this instance, I simply dribbled some PVA glue over watercolour paper. Once dry, it’s ready for painting. Olivia enjoys using the paint to “reveal secret images”.



Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect5. Leave a toilet roll out, with glue and some pens and this four year old creates a climbing frame for ants.

Such a novel idea – I love the way her mind works!

Craft doesn’t need to be structured or organised, sometimes all you need to do is give your crafty kids the tools and see what happens….



Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect6. Lentils, beans and pasta add a sensory element to an ordinary sticking activity.

Here’s Olivia is making “fireworks!” Next I would like us to attempt self portraits or a mosaic.





Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect7. Painting within the lines is a great activity for developing fine motor skills.

This abstract wonder has been made using black glue (paint and glue mixed). Once dry it creates an interesting border. I must admit, I’m looking forward to exploring this painting technique further.



Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect8. When it comes to messy play, shaving cream, food colouring and paint is a winning combination.

Olivia is applying the food colouring using a syringe, as you can see, she is really concentrating!

She’s making a pizza, can’t you tell?





Olivia is a little robot obsessed. She loves to make robots. PlaCraft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfecty robots. Build robots and even “speak” robot.

As you can see, Crafty Dad raided the recycling bin to create this Robotic spectacular.

A simple construction that made Olivia’s day!




10. We are ‘painting an idea, not an ideal’!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect