Craft Ideas for Kids - Making Rain

Making Rain

What you need:
Food colouring
Shaving Cream
A syringe or pipette would be handy, but not essential

Crafty Ideas Messy PlayThis activity is mesmerizing, intriguing and quite simply, very cool. Your crafty kids will love it!

First, fill 3/4’s of the jar with cold water and top with shaving cream.

A great exercise for crafty kids to practice pouring and to think about measurements.


Craft Ideas Messy PlayNext, add the food colouring. Whilst it’s not essential, I would recommend using a syringe or pipette for this part.

Start by adding food colouring to the centre of the ‘cloud’. Reapply in the same spot until it begins to seep through the ‘cloud’.

Once the ‘rain’ begins to fall, add additional colours to different areas of the ‘cloud’. Olivia described the streams of food colouring as “rain dancing” in the water.


Now for the science!

Craft Ideas Messy PlayExplain to your crafty kids that the water represents air. The puffy shaving cream is a cloud, which is made of droplets of water or ice and the food colouring is rain.

Ask your crafty to think about:

Why do clouds float? Explain that a Cloud is made up of lots and lots of water droplets, but these water droplets are so tiny and light that they float.

Why do clouds sometimes make rain? To keep it simple, I created a mental image of water droplets banging together to make the cloud bigger and heavier.

As the cloud grows, the water droplets become too heavy and fall, creating rain.

At this point, I seized the opportunity to introduce the word “precipitation” – different forms of water falling from the sky (rain, snow, sleet).

With or without the science element, your crafty kids will be fascinated by this sensory experience. Olivia couldn’t wait to show her friends and has loved repeating the experiment time and time again.

Craft Ideas Making Rain