Love Rocks: Fingerprint Heart Keep-Sake

We spent the first day of 2015 making footprints in the sand, chasing waves and collecting stones off the beach; coming away with at least a pocket full (or two) of special finds.

Within the mindset of ‘firsts’ for 2015, I was keen for our first craft of the year to be one  the whole family could enjoy! To create a little special something for us to look back on in years to come, as such, we used our beach stones to create these super cute Love Rocks: Fingerprint Heart Keep-Sakes.

I love how our Love Rocks turned out and if you’re already thinking about Valentine’s Day, I reckon they would make perfect little gifts!

Materials for Love Rocks: Fingerprint Heart Keep-sake

Smooth pebbles of various shapes and sizes
Acrylic Paint
Washable Paint for the Fingerprints
A Sponge
Little fingers!

Love Rocks: Fingerprint Heart Keep-Sake

For this particular craft I decided to paint the hearts myself, opting for red and white acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is great for painting stones; it covers well and smoothly without having to apply too many layers of paint (I applied two coats).

I painted a stone for each of us, ensuring the stones were proportionate to the size of our prints.

Craft Ideas for Kids - love rocks

Now it’s time for the Crafty Kids! Using an alternative colour to heart, simply dab a small amount of paint onto a thumb, ensuring good coverage.

Next, firmly place the thumb onto one side of the heart, rocking the thumb a little to create a complete print.

Craft Ideas for Kids - love rocksCraft Ideas for Kids - love rocks

To complete the fingerprint heart, apply another thin layer of paint to a forefinger. Place the finger onto the opposite side of the heart, pressing down nice and firmly.

Craft Ideas for Kids -love rocks

Like us, a Love Rock: Fingerprint Heart Keep-sake could be created for the all the family or maybe it could become a special gift from the kiddies on Valentine’s Day? Either way, it’s a great reason to head outside and enjoy some family time at the beach! Craft Ideas for Kids - Love rocks