Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf Stamping

Leaf Stamping

When I stumbled across this Leaf Stamping craft on Pinterest (Crafty By Photo), I had to try it out straight away and I am so pleased that I did. I love everything about leaf stamping. It’s simplicity, it’s effectiveness. The intricacies and essence of the leaf is captured beautifully and I can foresee leaf stamping becoming our craft of choice for home made gifts and cards. From Olivia’s perspective, she loved the hammering aspect of leaf stamping, which is a great fine motor activity. Once I had explained how to use the hammer and where to position her hands; under supervision, she was well away!

Materials required for Leaf Stamping:

Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf StampingAcid free good quality paper A hammer Kitchen Roll A wooden chopping board A range of leaves

Step 1

Position the paper on top of the wooden board and select a leaf. Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf Stamping

Step 2

Cover the leaf with a piece of kitchen roll and begin to gently tap the leaf surface area with the hammer. Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf StampingCraft Ideas for Kids - Leaf Stamping

Step 3

Concentrate the tapping onto one area of the leaf until moisture begins to seep through the kitchen roll. Once this occurs, move onto another area until the leaf is complete. Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf Stamping

Step 4

Carefully peel the kitchen roll and leaf off the paper, to reveal your gorgeous print. A pair of tweezers might be useful to remove the leaf, however our fingers worked pretty well. Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf Stamping I am really looking forward to more leaf stamping once Autumn fully kicks in. We experimented with different shades of green and red leaves, with stunning results. Can you imagine how this picture could look with yellow and orange mixed in? Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf Stamping