Craft Ideas for Kids - Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider

What you need:
A paper plate
A pom-pom
Googly eyes
4 long pipe cleaners
1 pipe cleaner cut off to match the colour of the pom-pom (about 3cm in length)
Knitting needle

Paint the paper plate in a colour of your crafty kids choice.

Once dry, cut a large circular hole out of the centre of the plate.

Using a knitting needle, pierce a number of evenly spaced holes around the central opening.

Now for the really fun bit.

Thread the yarn through the pierced holes in random directions to create a criss-cross web effect. Leave enough yarn at the start of the threading process to secure with a knot once all the holes are filled.

Pierce one further hole at the bottom of the plate and attach a long piece of yarn, leaving it to dangle.

We’re now ready for incy wincy spider.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Incy Wincy SpiderTake the four pipe cleaners and bunch them together. Pinch the middle and twist them together until secure.

Attach the pipe cleaners to the pom-pom using the cut off piece of pipe cleaner. Wrap it around the pom-pom, twisting under the bunched pipe cleaners.

Bend the pipe cleaners to form the appearance of spider legs.

Add the googly eyes to the pop-pom.

Finally, attach the spider to the long piece yarn we left to dangle from the web.

This is a satisfying craft for preschoolers and a great prop for singing incy wincy spider. Eden loved it!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Incy Wincy Spider