Craft Ideas for Kids - Foam Animal Faces

Foam Animal Faces

Foam is one of my favourite craft materials. Children love its squidgy soft texture, which also makes it a versatile base for many crafts. In this instance, we’ve made super cute and super easy foam animal faces with movable parts!

Little lovely, who is currently puppy mad, adored putting the faces together and was particularly proud of being able to do it “all her herself”!

She carefully considered the positioning of the eyes, nose and ears and how they would fit in with the overall design. Her creativity quite literally shone and her imagination became more adventurous with each face.

With a little prep, preschoolers can easily make their own Foam Animal Faces – Here’s how to do it!

Foam Animal Faces – Materials:

Foam – Different colours, the more vibrant the better!
Split Pins
Tissue paper or paper of different colours and designs
PVA Glue

Foam Animal Faces – How to:

Step 1

Cut out a various shapes to construct the faces.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Foam Animal Faces

Step 2

Hand over to your crafty kids. I asked the little lovely to think about what a puppy looks like, where she thinks the eyes, ears etc should go.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Foam Animal Faces

Step 3

Secure the ears with split pins. Now you may want to help your crafty kid with this part, my little lovely was determined to do this herself and under supervision she did.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Foam Animal Faces

Little Lovely not only enjoyed making Foam Animal Faces, but enjoyed playing with them too, moving the ears around to alter expressions – Ears up, the puppy was excited or surprised. Ears down, a little sad….

I hope your crafty kiddies enjoy making their Foam Animal Faces. We made puppies and an owl, why not try an elephant, monkey, octopus or something crazy like an alien or monster. The possibilities are endless!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Foam Animal Faces