Flower and Leaf Printing

A section of our garden is currently full to the brim with wild flowers, showcasing various shades of reds, yellows, violets, pinks as well as orange and white – we love it! Olivia can never resist picking a daisy or dandelion as we pass.

Craft-ideas-for-kids-flower-leaf-printingOne afternoon we decided to move away from the glitz of the craft box and explore what I like to call, Nature’s Toolbox.

Armed with a bucket, Olivia began exploring and collecting.

Next, we delved into the paintbox…

Craft-ideas-for-kids-flower-leaf-printingDip the flower or leaf directly into the paint, using it like a stamp to form a print


To create a silhouette, simply paint over the leaf or flower.

As you can see, Olivia preferred the latter option. She loved to reveal the “veins” of the flower petals and leaves.

Olivia also enjoyed using the leaves as paintbrushes by stroking the paint onto the paper.

Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple. The combination of paint, flowers and leaves is exactly that, simple.

Painting with flowers and leaves is a very lovely and very engaging craft, providing your crafty kid with the opportunity to look at natures offerings differently, provoking creative thought and discussion.

We naturally began discussing the anatomy of a flower and Olivia was interested to see how a daisy would look a different colour.

I hope your crafty kids enjoy printing with Nature’s Toolbox as much as Olivia did.











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