Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree – 10 Days of Kid Made Ornaments

Felt Christmas Tree: Simple, easy to make and great for fine motor development. This is the perfect craft for independent crafty kids. My girlie loved making them; cutting up our scrap felt, creating her own pattern and then finishing off with a little sparkle.

Our Felt Christmas Tree was inspired by Shirley Hughes Alfie: Alfie’s Christmas. (affiliate link below)

A charming traditional little story that depicts an ordinary family getting ready for the Christmas. The illustrations are beautiful and this is a super book for young children during the build up to Christmas.

Felt Christmas Tree: Materials

Scrap Felt – This could easily be replaced with fabric or paper.
Cardboard – We used an old cereal box
Small piece of ribbon
PVA glue

Felt Christmas Tree: How-to

To get the Little Lovely started, I cut a triangle out of an old cereal box and displayed the craft materials ready for Little Lovely to get stuck in.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree

Using PVA glue, Little Lovely cut off strips of felt and stuck them on horizontally onto the cardboard triangle, alternating the colours. Since Little Lovely has been learning about sequencing and patterns at school, she really enjoyed using the different colours to work out her own pattern.

The strips do not have to be cut to the exact size of the triangle as the tree can be trimmed at the end.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree

To hang our Felt Christmas Tree ornament, we looped some ribbon and attached with glue. With this being a kid-made ornament, second time round I would probably help out and attach using a stapler instead, to make it more secure.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree

Once the glue has set, trim the felt strips to the size of the cardboard triangle. Your crafty kid may need a little help with this bit.

Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree

To finish off, Little lovely added some sequins and stars to make her Felt Christmas Tree Sparkle!

Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree
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