Craft Ideas for Kids

Dream Catcher

What you need:
A paper plate
A hole punch or a knitting needle
Sequins or Stickers to decorate

Olivia really enjoyed making her own dream catcher, finding it challenging and rewarding.

We divided this craft into a number of stages, with each offering a different skill to practice and explore….

Craft Ideas for KidsStage one:

Paint the paper plate in a colour of your crafty kids choice.

Once dry, cut a large circular hole out of the centre of the plate.

Using a knitting needle, pierce a number of evenly spaced holes around the central opening.

Decide where your top and bottom will be, piercing a single hole to signify the top ( to thread a single piece of yarn to hang the dream catcher) and then a further three evenly spaced holes at the bottom of the plate(to create the dangle bits).

Craft Ideas for Kids - FeathersStage two:

By far Olivia’s favourite part, begin threading the yarn across the central area to create a web effect, adding a few beads along the way.

Leave enough loose yarn at the start to enable it to be secured and knotted once all the threading is complete.

This is a great activity to help develop hand coordination and work those fine motor skills.

Stage three:

Craft Ideas for Kids - Dream CatcherOnce the threading is complete, tie a single piece of yarn through each of the bottom holes. Allow the yarn to dangle. Ideally, the two outer strings of yarn will be the same length, leaving the middle string slightly longer.

Thread a number of beads onto each individual piece of yarn. Finish the dangle with a feather, secure with a tight double knot at the end of the feather.

Thread the pointy end of the feather into a bead. This will prevent the feather twisting into random directions and will help to conceal the double knot.

Decorate the dream catcher with stickers, sequins, glitter – anything you have available.

Olivia’s dream catcher has taken pride of place in her bedroom. Where will your crafty kids put their’s?