Homemade Playdough

When it comes to homemade playdough, I love to keep things natural. To experiment with naturally occurring colours and scents, to heighten the sensory and play experience for the girls. I have to say, once you start making Homemade Playdough it becomes rather addictive and when you find yourself assessing your herbs and spices and fridge contents […]

Halloween Sensory Play – Monster Pizza Parlour

Craft Ideas for Kids - Halloween Sensory Play Monster Pizza Parlour

Wowee, where do I start! My girls loved running their very own Monster Pizza Parlour in today’s Halloween themed Sensory Play Session. My baby enjoyed exploring the different textures and colours, whilst my eldest whipped up wriggly worm pizza’s with eyeball sauce and spider crunchies! Her bat special was monst-abulous! A grotesque sensory delight. They […]

Pumpkin Playdough

Craft Ideas for Kids - Pumpkin PlayDough

With Halloween approaching, Pumpkins are currently hot topic in our household. My little lovely finds them fascinating and cannot wait to get involved with decorating and carving pumpkins. In the meantime, I thought that I would surprise her with some Pumpkin Playdough as an after school treat. The recipe I used is non-cook (perfect!) and […]

Communication Jar

Craft Ideas for Kids - Communication Jar

Being four is a lot of fun. Language, social and motor skills are rapidly developing and the world around them is beginning to make more sense. Emotions at this time are often BIG; recognising emotions within themselves and in others. Managing those emotions can be a tricky business. Thinking about my daughter, I pondered over […]

Simple Things


Today I set up a sensory play box, full of spaghetti, ice, stones and various animals. I envisioned hours of imaginative play. On any other day, Olivia would have been keen. However, with a shrug of the shoulders she opted for scribbling shapes in the mud instead. Her lack of enthusiasm left me scratching my […]

Making Rain

Craft Ideas for Kids - Making Rain

Anyone for Cake?

Craft Ideas for Kids - Messy play

What you need: Shaving cream Cooking Utensils Access to a garden – for the ‘additional’ ingredients