Paper Plate Lion

Our Paper Plate Lion is not only cute, but really easy and fun to make! Using a range of scrap materials, preschoolers can explore and experiment with different textures to create a wacky and wild lion’s mane; adding a sensory element to the craft. Inspired by the heart-warming book The Lion Who Wanted To Love (Orchard […]

Homemade Playdough

When it comes to homemade playdough, I love to keep things natural. To experiment with naturally occurring colours and scents, to heighten the sensory and play experience for the girls. I have to say, once you start making Homemade Playdough it becomes rather addictive and when you find yourself assessing your herbs and spices and fridge contents […]

Love Rocks: Fingerprint Heart Keep-Sake

We spent the first day of 2015 making footprints in the sand, chasing waves and collecting stones off the beach; coming away with at least a pocket full (or two) of special finds. Within the mindset of ‘firsts’ for 2015, I was keen for our first craft of the year to be one  the whole family […]

Origami Swans

I would love to take credit for these gorgeous Origami Swans, but it turns out that crafty Dad has a secret talent! I was amazed at how easy they are to make and so pretty too; perfect for our theme ‘Seven Swans-a-Swimming!’ Origami Swans – How To Each origami swan can be created in 9 […]

Christmas Potato Stamping

Craft Ideas for Kids - Christmas Potato Stamping

Ohhh who doesn’t remember potato stamping as a kid? It’s a classic craft; cheap and easy to set up too! Whilst baby cakes simply slid and bashed the stamp across the paper, Little Lovely enjoyed playing and experimenting in the attempt to make the ‘perfect’ tree; they both in their own way had a blast […]

Felt Christmas Tree – 10 Days of Kid Made Ornaments

Craft Ideas for Kids - Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree: Simple, easy to make and great for fine motor development. This is the perfect craft for independent crafty kids. My girlie loved making them; cutting up our scrap felt, creating her own pattern and then finishing off with a little sparkle. Our Felt Christmas Tree was inspired by Shirley Hughes Alfie: Alfie’s […]

Clay Dough and Melted Crayon Snowflake Ornaments

I cannot believe how easy these Clay Dough and Melted Crayon Snowflake Ornaments are to make! When I stumbled across Happy Hooligans stunning White Clay Dough Ornaments, I had to try it out with the Little Lovely and I’m so pleased I did. I love the brilliant white clay against the vibrant colours of the melted […]

Rainbow Colour Mixing

Craft Ideas for Kids - Rainbow Colour Mixing

Supporting World Prematurity Day – 17th November 2014. Our Little Lovely was born seven weeks premature with a condition called Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula. Within a few short hours of birth, she received life saving surgery; the scariest most uncertain moment of my life! Four years on, Little Lovely is a happy vibrant little girl and […]

Retro Pipe Cleaner Thanksgiving Turkeys

Craft Ideas for Kids - Retro Pipe Cleaner Thanksgiving Turkey

I have to admit, our Retro Pipe Cleaner Thanksgiving Turkeys caused a little controversy in my house. I suggested to Little Lovely that they were ‘ Turkeys’ and she said “no mummy, can’t you see, they’re peacocks!” Either way, we had fun learning about Thanksgiving and she enjoyed playing with our creations. Retro Pipe Cleaner […]

Watercolour Poppy Remembrance Day Card

Remembrance day is a day of reflection and a day that remains relevant today. Unfortunately, wars are still being fought around the world and this card is intended for the loved ones left behind. A simple gesture to say “I am thinking of you, your family, the person lost and will never forget”. The Watercolour […]

Foam Animal Faces

Craft Ideas for Kids - Foam Animal Faces

Foam is one of my favourite craft materials. Children love its squidgy soft texture, which also makes it a versatile base for many crafts. In this instance, we’ve made super cute and super easy foam animal faces with movable parts! Little lovely, who is currently puppy mad, adored putting the faces together and was particularly […]

Decorating Pumpkins Using Natural Materials

Craft Ideas for Kids

Guest post from Mae @ Mommy Loves Trees –  Did you know that on average children today spend about 1/3 of their day starting at a screen? Kind of sad in my opinion. We didn’t have a TV for many of my growing up years and my mom made sure we spent a lot of time […]

Funky Yarn Hangers

Craft Ideas for Kids - Funky Yarn Hangers

Little Lovely is four years old and recently started school.Each day she comes home, removes her uniform, drops it on the floor and gets on with more important things, such as playing. What more can I expect? she is only four!! However, I like to encourage independence and like to find creative solutions to little […]

Halloween Sensory Play – Monster Pizza Parlour

Craft Ideas for Kids - Halloween Sensory Play Monster Pizza Parlour

Wowee, where do I start! My girls loved running their very own Monster Pizza Parlour in today’s Halloween themed Sensory Play Session. My baby enjoyed exploring the different textures and colours, whilst my eldest whipped up wriggly worm pizza’s with eyeball sauce and spider crunchies! Her bat special was monst-abulous! A grotesque sensory delight. They […]

Pumpkin Playdough

Craft Ideas for Kids - Pumpkin PlayDough

With Halloween approaching, Pumpkins are currently hot topic in our household. My little lovely finds them fascinating and cannot wait to get involved with decorating and carving pumpkins. In the meantime, I thought that I would surprise her with some Pumpkin Playdough as an after school treat. The recipe I used is non-cook (perfect!) and […]

Paper Plate Monsters

Craft Ideas for Kids - Paper Plate Monsters

Paper plates are just amazing! They’re easy to use, versatile and can be so much fun – a staple for every craft cupboard. We’ve combined paper plates with our much loved Cling Film Art Technique to create these adorable Paper Plate Monsters! Olivia had such fun exploring all the random materials I keep stashed away and […]

Autumn Leaf Painting

Craft Ideas for Kids - Autumn Leaf Painting

Autumn is the season of colour and leaves. This craft is an exploration of Autumn colours and my little lovely adored mixing the paints to match the shades of our leaves; experimenting with different ratios of paint to create a range of unusual colours. We spent time outside collecting leaves, looking at the trees to […]

Toilet Roll Cats

Craft Ideas for Kids - Toilet Roll Cats

Paper toilet rolls are just awesome. We have used the humble loo roll in so many of our crafts and always find something new to make. Today we’ve created a family of paper toilet roll cats! Miss O is cat mad in every possible way and adores this cute little family of cats . Here’s […]

Leaf Stamping

Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaf Stamping

When I stumbled across this Leaf Stamping craft on Pinterest (Crafty By Photo), I had to try it out straight away and I am so pleased that I did. I love everything about leaf stamping. It’s simplicity, it’s effectiveness. The intricacies and essence of the leaf is captured beautifully and I can foresee leaf stamping […]

Not So Pinterest Perfect: Our Top 10

Craft Ideas for Kids - Not So Pinterest Perfect

As a blogger of children’s crafts, it’s easy to get swept up in the, what I call ‘Pinterest Perfect’; the beautifully presented craft images, all neatly painted and perfectly constructed, with not a smudge or scribble to be seen. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! Coming up with the Pinterest Perfect isn’t so […]

Woodland Secrets

Craft Ideas for Kids - Woodland Secrets

Create your own Flap Picture or Story Board This Woodland Secrets craft is inspired by one of our favourite books ‘Secrets of The Apple Tree: A Shine A Light Book‘ by Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner, we have created our very own secret woodland scene. Using our free 2-page hand drawn colouring in printables, your […]

Circle Print Art

Craft Ideas for Kids - Circle Print Art

Who knew that such magic could be made from old bottle tops and toilet rolls? The perfect preschool craft to explore shape, colour and texture, creating a spectacular piece of art in the process! It all started with a piece of lego. Olivia noticed the circles on top, held it up and said “lets paint […]

Food Colouring Salt Art

Craft Ideas for Kids - Food Colouring and salt art

My daughter loves Julia Donaldson’s book ‘The Singing Mermaid’ and I knew when I stumbled across this craft on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, that I had found the perfect medium for an underwater back drop. You will need: Food Colouring or Watercolours Card Rock Salt Thick Paintbrush We like to get experimental with […]

Weather Chart

Craft Ideas forKids - Weather Chart

Like weather, this craft has many elements to it: It’s highly interactive, provoking great weather related discussion. Helps develop observational skills. Encourages creative thinking by considering how the different elements should be represented on the chart. The sticking, cutting, painting and drawing is great for developing fine motor skills. The use of different textures stimulate […]

Communication Jar

Craft Ideas for Kids - Communication Jar

Being four is a lot of fun. Language, social and motor skills are rapidly developing and the world around them is beginning to make more sense. Emotions at this time are often BIG; recognising emotions within themselves and in others. Managing those emotions can be a tricky business. Thinking about my daughter, I pondered over […]

Handprint Suncatcher

Handprint Suncatcher

As our first collaborative piece as a family of four, this craft feels rather special and I am very excited to be sharing it with you. From Olivia’s perspective, the craft contained so much variety (and all of her favourite elements) from sticking, cutting and testing out a new painting method – cue tip painting. […]

Stationery Box

Upcycled Stationery Box

Upcycled Stationery Box I am always looking for new storage solutions for the odd bits and bobs we seem to accumulate. And if your household is anything like mine, you will find that pens and paintbrushes have the magical ability to multiply over night and find themselves in all sorts of interesting places (I call this […]

Cling Film Art

Craft Ideas for Kids - Cling Film Art

Raised Salt Glue Art

Craft Ideas for Kids - Salt Glue Art

Wacky Racers

Craft Ideas for Kids - Wacky Racers

Inspiration Hopper


This is the Craft Ideas Inspiration Hopper where other bloggers post their latest craft ideas to inspire others!

Flower and Leaf Printing


A section of our garden is currently full to the brim with wild flowers, showcasing various shades of reds, yellows, violets, pinks as well as orange and white – we love it! Olivia can never resist picking a daisy or dandelion as we pass.

Simple Things


Today I set up a sensory play box, full of spaghetti, ice, stones and various animals. I envisioned hours of imaginative play. On any other day, Olivia would have been keen. However, with a shrug of the shoulders she opted for scribbling shapes in the mud instead. Her lack of enthusiasm left me scratching my […]

Paper Mache Spaceship


What you need to make the Paper Mache Spaceship: An old plastic bottle An egg carton Paint Foam, Card or Paper Stickers/Sequins to decorate News paper Flour and Water Glue Scissors

Incy Wincy Spider

Craft Ideas for Kids - Incy Wincy Spider

What you need: A paper plate Yarn A pom-pom Googly eyes 4 long pipe cleaners 1 pipe cleaner cut off to match the colour of the pom-pom (about 3cm in length) Knitting needle Scissors

Dream Catcher

Craft Ideas for Kids

What you need: A paper plate Paint Yarn Beads Feathers A hole punch or a knitting needle Sequins or Stickers to decorate Scissors

Making Rain

Craft Ideas for Kids - Making Rain

Crafty Dad

Hello, I am the crafty dad! Craft doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me, but when I get going on a project it inevitably turns into an engineering feat, rather than the quick craft project I’d planned!

Wibbly Wobbly Jellyfish

Craft Ideas for Kids

Wibbly Wobbly Jellyfish What you need: A paper plate Paint Scrap materials – fabric/ribbon/string Googly Eyes Knitting needle or Hole punch

Anyone for Cake?

Craft Ideas for Kids - Messy play

What you need: Shaving cream Cooking Utensils Access to a garden – for the ‘additional’ ingredients

Toilet Roll Fish

Art Craft for kids

A friend for Olive and Luka the octopuses… What you need: A Toilet Roll Paint Scissors Googly Eyes

Watercolour Flower Picture

Art Craft for Kids

What you need: Pages of an old book A picture frame Watercolour paint A fine tipped black pen

Toilet Roll Octopus – The Impromptu Craft

Craft Ideas for Kids

Introducing Luka and Olive the Octopuses! What you need: A toilet Roll Some Paint Googly eyes Black Marker Pen Scissors

Painting Stones

Craft Ideas for Kids

What you need: Smooth surfaced stones Acrylic Paint Googly Eyes