Craft Ideas for Kids - Messy play

Anyone for Cake?

What you need:

Shaving cream
Cooking Utensils
Access to a garden – for the ‘additional’ ingredients

Olivia had a blast with this activity, so much so, she’s asked to do messy play everyday since!

This messy play session is very easy to set up, with minimal prep yet offers endless benefits and opportunities for interaction and fun.

Olivia, assuming the role of ‘chef’ with serious conviction, filled the cases evenly and level with cake mix (shaving foam); to spill the mixture would have been a “disaster!”

Each cake required sprinkles (grass) and gems (flowers and leaves) added for decoration.

Cooking time was 4 hours and couldn’t be a minute too soon (in real time, less than a minute!).

The cakes were mostly delicious, however, according to Chef Olivia, some were sadly burnt.

Messy play offers a plethora of benefits: Messy Play

  • The activity ignited Olivia’s creative and imaginative thought processes
  • By considering measurements, she tapped into some mathematical thinking
  • The spooning element supports hand coordination and fine motor development
  • To execute her ‘master plan’, Olivia expressed her self clearly and accurately to ensure her desired outcome.

I am a firm believer in the idea that hands-on-play is the best type of play.

Ultimately, Olivia thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘Anyone for Cake?’, finding it rewarding and fun. She definitely loved getting messy.

We would love to see your crafty kids having fun playing “Anyone for Cake?”.

(And afterwards, we couldn’t resist a game of chase……)
Messy Play